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Art is a journey, and mine began with music!  I studied electronic and classical pipe organ as a child.  Participated in years of Kiwanis festivals and eventually went on to teach.  Many years and two children later, my husband gifted me with a set of paint brushes and a class at the local art store.  This began the next leg in my creative journey, exploring folk art, tolepainting, pen and ink drawings and murals.  I began selling my work in 1996 and enjoyed the thrill of sharing my creative spirit with others.  In 2003 I took an evening class at ACAD in Jewellery Design and found great inspiration in taking a piece of raw silver and turning it into wearable art.  I was so taken by this art form that I tucked my brushes and easel aside to make room for my new hammers, saws, pliers and torch!

I love the creative process.  It begins with a sketch and to be honest it usually ends in a totally different direction.  As I begin to play with the design concept certain shapes or textures catch my eye and then the fun begins.  Many of my designs involve hammered textures.  I love the way the hammered finish catches the light, much like the highlight stroke from a paintbrush.  Semi-precious stones, crystals and pearls allow the introduction of colour.  I must admit I don't have a favourite colour - I simply like them all and I look to my paint pots for inspiration in mixing interesting colour combinations.  I strive to marry form and function to ensure a quality piece that is timeless.  All of my work is named and numbered as each piece is truly unique.

I work full time in my home studio and thoroughly enjoy my daily commute.  I have not abandoned my previous art forms.  My studio is filled with music.  Everything from classical to heavy metal (great for hammering!)   My paints remain at my side and my brushes still get a workout from time to time.  I believe that my jewellery represents a culmination of all three art forms.  A painter's eye for colour, the inspiration of music and the amazing power of silver, tools and a torch!

I believe that jewellery 'speaks'.  When the right piece catches your eye, it draws you in.  It is a reflection of you!  I take great care to design quality, wearable art that marries form, function and a sense of play!